Friday, June 19, 2009

Whisper Pt1

Im so bored that night.All my family went to my grandfather's house,i dont want to follow them because im already promised with my friend to accompany him to go to fishing.We are planned to go fishing at a big lake near to our house.That lake was so popular among our neighbourhood.
So,as we planned we prepared our fishing things at 6 o'clock.We went to that lake aroung 7 o'clock,the day had became darker and darker.Its a bit scary along the road toward the lake.
im felt so afraid beacuse this is the first time i went to that lake at night.Along the way to that lake i just kept quiet because i heard something scary and horrible sound.
At last,we arrived the lake,the surrounding around the lake was so dark but got some light beacause got a road lamp there.After a minute,we take a good place to fishing.
My friend's Amin said there were many fish at that place.We started fishing after we felt comfortable.
will be continue...

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